Chipotle Secret Menu

chipotle secret menu

Since Chipotle already has a build your own type of menu, you might be wondering what kind of secret menu items there could be. Even though each item is highly customizable, there are some options you probably don’t know exist, like the Quesorito that combines two of Chipotle’s most popular items:  the Burrito and the Quesadilla.

Chipotle’s Secret Menu offers ideas rather than actual pre-set recipes. If you are a Quesadilla fan but you aren’t feeling particularly hungry, keep in mind that there are 2 sizes available! Or you could always order a single taco to tide you over.

If you’re feeling more inclined with eat with your hands, you could opt for an order of nachos, made any way you want with the plethora of Chipotle’s fresh ingredients.

Whatever you’re in the mood for, Chipotle has something for you. And if you’re looking to venture out of the box, check out these Chipotle Secret Menu items here.