Marshmallow Sundae | Dairy Queen Secret Menu

dairy queen secret menu marshmallow sundae

Marshmallow Sundae | Dairy Queen Secret Menu

Do you find yourself adding tons of marshmallows to your hot chocolate? So much that it spills over in your cup? How about adding so many marshmallows to your s’mores that it spills over the side and all over your hands?

You my friend, and fellow marshmallow lover need to try the Dairy Queen Secret Menu Marshmallow Creme!

It’s simply a vanilla ice cream sundae with marshmallow cream on top.

Don’t be fooled with the simple ingredients though. Sometimes 1 + 1 equals awesome! But don’t just stop there, add marshmallow crème to any frozen treat you want! Want it on top of your blizzard? Sure! Your ice cream bowl? No problem!