McDonald’s Secret Menu

mcdonalds secret menu

McDonald’s Secret Menu has been an object of pop culture and fan creativity for years and years now. Some items are definitely more popular than others, which is why you may have heard of the McGangBang during it’s brief but explosive internet popularity a few years ago.

So for your enjoyment, we’ve compiled a list of all the popular and lesser known McDonald’s secret menu items. Try one or try them all! Maybe dare your friends or you could dare yourself and make a great YouTube video out of it.

Since a few of these sound like they may be heart attack inducing, we recommend trying them in moderation. It’s probably not the best idea to have a Monster Mac everyday but it does seem like a good idea to try A Poor Man’s Big Mac every now and then to save a little cash.

Keep in mind that some ingredients may be seasonal or based on region, and that the breakfast items actually require you to be awake before noon. And we know how hard that can be sometimes, but hey, it might be worth it to try a Mc 10:35.

Don’t forget that a secret is a secret so you won’t be able to walk into any old McDonald’s location and ask for items from the McDonald’s secret menu by name. You’ll have to make note of the recipes on this site and order the necessary ingredients to either create your own secret menu items, or order the add-ons needed to make your McDonald’s order even more awesome.

Be prepared for the strange looks you’ll inevitably get when ordering the patties necessary to create either the Big McChicken or the Monster Mac. Pricing will vary too since these are not everyday requests. McDonald’s employees may have to consult each other in terms of how to register these over the top secret menu items, so expect a longer than usual checkout time.

Now that you’ve got all the information you need, take notes and check out all of our crazy awesome McDonald’s Secret Menu items.