The Mc10:35 | McDonald’s Secret Menu

mc1035 mcdonalds secret menu

The Mc10:35 | McDonald’s Secret Menu

Ah, the Mc10:35. Let’s start with the most important premise needed to order this McDonald’s Secret Menu sandwich. It’s only available during that very special time of day when you can order both breakfast and regular menu items at McDonald’s.

Usually 10:35 or 11:05 depending on the day and restaurant, so yes have yourself a bit of brunch!

Order a McDouble and a regular egg McMuffin. Omit bread from the McDouble and stick those patties and cheese right into the McMuffin.

Then behold what you’ve just created, and enjoy every last bit of that Mc10:35! If you’re still not full and craving something for dessert (because anytime of day is a great time for dessert!), grab yourself a McCrepe. You won’t regret it!

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